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Increased scrutiny in valuing illiquid assets has prompted investment managers and financial institutions to rely on independent valuation services to avoid the perception of and potential for conflicts of interest. 

Intrinsic offers a partnership where our experienced and expert staff can assist clients in improving their credibility by instituting transparent and effective processes for investor relations departments and valuation committees. Through open dialogue and valuation expertise, we provide predictable valuation analyses to encapsulate the spectrum from the investment manager’s thesis, to industry and economic analysis, through consideration of security structure – all while providing a high level of customer service. 

In recent years, emphasis from investors has elevated the need for greater quality and more timely reporting. These trends underscore important considerations for investment managers looking to raise funds and maintain healthy relations with current investors.


Source: JP Morgan 2018 Institutional Investor Survey

We specialize in valuing illiquid securities for both ASC 820 (typically classified as Level 2 or Level 3 under the fair value hierarchy) and IAS 39 reporting frameworks. Our portfolio valuation services include:

  • Complex derivative instruments
  • Estate planning / tax considerations
  • Financial opinions (fairness, solvency, and transaction)
  • Fund manager valuation
  • Global securities (including emerging markets)
  • Illiquid debt and loan securities
  • Illiquid equity securities
  • Investment modelling
  • Joint ventures 
  • Leveraged loans
  • LP and GP interests
  • PIPE investments
  • Real estate investments
  • Trade and bankruptcy claims
  • Valuation governance and best practices