Intrinsic Welcomes Zach Ramey, CPA, to Our Team

Zach Ramey joined Intrinsic as an Associate in the Advisory Services practice in September 2018. Prior to Intrinsic, Zach worked in Deloitte’s Denver office acting as a tax specialist on the audits of some on the largest Denver-area clients focusing on the financial services, insurance, and manufacturing sectors. His experience includes auditing and consulting [...]

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Publicly Traded Blockchain Companies: Understanding Risk for a New Market

By: Daniyal Inamullah, CFA Without the advantage of being part of a reputable VC or Angel group, or actively working on early-stage company investments, public market information offers retail investors with the best knowledge to invest in micro and small cap companies. Due to the asymmetric information and profit potential associated with any new [...]

Intrinsic Welcomes Kade Tibbetts to Our Team

Kade Tibbetts joined Intrinsic as an Associate in September of 2018. Prior to Intrinsic, Kade was an Associate in the Audit Practice at KPMG in Denver, Colorado. There, he spent much of his time auditing the financial statements of primarily non-public companies. His experience consisted of performing substantive testing, period-to-period analysis and other audit [...]

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Intrinsic Welcomes Zach Jacobsmeyer to Our Team

Intrinsic continues to grow with the addition of Zach Jacobsmeyer. Zach joined Intrinsic LLC with 4.5 years of accounting and financial experience. Zach previously worked at Emerson Electric Inc (Global Fortune 500 Manufacturer) in St Louis, Missouri the last 3 years. He served as a Senior Internal Auditor where he participated and led financial [...]

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Earnings Quality is More than Adjusted EBITDA

Buyers perform exhaustive pre-acquisition due diligence of target companies that spans financial, tax, legal, IT, operational, marketing, HR, and other matters.  Central to financial due diligence is the target’s earnings quality.  Discussion of earnings quality usually focuses solely on recent historical EBITDA, normalized by making various adjustments.  Of course, normalized EBITDA is critical information. [...]

Fair Market Value to Fair Value reconciliation in Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Fair Market Value (“FMV”) is a proposed opinion of value of an asset, supported by sound research and generally accepted valuation methods, that could be received in the market. Whereas Fair Value (“FV”) is the realized value of a piece of equipment upon the actual sale of an asset. In Machinery and Equipment appraisals (“M&E”), [...]

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Blockchain and Its Potential Use in Accounting

Blockchain, meet accounting.  I think you two will have a great relationship. You were practically made for each other. For every debit, there must be a credit. The foundation of accounting works so well that there haven’t been significant changes since Luca Pacioli's "double-entry" system was documented in the 1400's. Getting to its basic definition, [...]

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Volunteer Work – Giving back….

Quinn Moore, Ash Kansara, Brad Smith & Daniyal Inamullah preparing plates for handoff Alex Chandler sign in attendees and guide them to their meal and open seats. On Monday, August 27, 2018, Intrinsic volunteered to serve lunch to the homeless at the First Baptist Church located in Denver, Colorado. The [...]

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Valuation of Complex Securities

Intrinsic has assisted many publicly traded (and privately-owned) clients over the years in the valuation of complex securities for financial reporting purposes under GAAP and IFRS regulations. “Complex Securities” in this context refers to variations of warrants, convertible debt, restricted stock units (“RSU”) and performance shares based around a total shareholder return (“TSR”) mechanism. In [...]

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Facebook’s Nosedive: A Study on Significant Share Price Declines and Subsequent Reversion to the Mean

The recent decline in Facebook’s stock after the company’s third quarter earnings release on July 25, 2018 prompted an analysis of how rare this occurrence is and the prevalence of mean reversion theory. At the time of this writing, Facebook’s common stock is down roughly 20% after the close of markets. Method To analyze the [...]

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