Quinn Moore, Ash Kansara, Brad Smith & Daniyal Inamullah preparing plates for handoff

Alex Chandler sign in attendees and guide them to their meal and open seats.

On Monday, August 27, 2018, Intrinsic volunteered to serve lunch to the homeless at the First Baptist Church located in Denver, Colorado. The First Baptist Church is a congregation that provides meals for those in need, shelter for women who are homeless, and a training center for newly arrived immigrants and refugees.

There were seven total Intrinsic employees, which represented all of the volunteers. They were responsible for distributing the food, cleaning up the event, and assisting the event coordinators. The event was a great success and there were over sixty people in attendance. Intrinsic will do this every other month to develop a relationship with the church and give back to the local community.

Josh Cashman managing partner serving lunch

Intrinsic team members Luke Van Horn, Quinn Moore, Bratt Smith, Ash Kansara prepare plates for handoff.