Attempts to Escape

For ten years Intrinsic’s managing partners, Alex Hodgkin and Josh Cashman have participated in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon along with friends and colleagues from across the country. The participants of this small cohort include a handful of folks from east of the Mississippi (Team East) and another group of people from west of the Mississippi (Team West). Even though we’re all over-the-hill, and in no shape to compete, we form these geographic teams, and attempt to get the best blended results.

It goes without saying that over the last 10 years, our health and fitness have seen their ups and downs. Life often gets in the way of our best intentions. And, with life comes broken bones, broken marriages, new children, and new jobs. This year Josh found himself up for the challenge, while Alex had little time to prepare; our fitness often operates in inverse correlation to our productivity at work. In other words, Alex had spent most of 2018 in a frenzied state of perpetual motion. Notwithstanding life’s obstacles, everyone finished.

The triathlon brings butterflies every time. We finished, and we survived. We hope to stay healthy and sane enough to compete again next year. By the way, Team West won this year by an impressive margin, which, for those who know us, should make you wonder about Team East!