At Intrinsic, we believe our mission extends beyond providing world class valuation services to our clients. While we strive endlessly to serve our clients with integrity and enthusiasm, we feel our mission should extend beyond our client relationships and into our local community.

As Intrinsic grows as a firm, we recognize an opportunity to further leverage our emerging team to build upon our tradition of corporate service and community involvement. Although Denver has been fortunate to achieve sustained unemployment levels below the national average, there are still plenty of people in the city facing difficult times.

In the spirit of corporate service, 12 members of the Intrinsic team volunteered to serve a complimentary lunch to community members in need at First Baptist Church in Denver this past Monday. By the end of the event, the team at Intrinsic had served over 65 individuals in need a hearty meal. The gratefulness, smiles, and feelings of fulfillment were mutual. Josh Cashman, a Managing Partner at Intrinsic, remarked “As Denver experiences unprecedented prosperity, it’s a wonderful reminder that not everyone has realized the benefits of growth. By serving lunch to the underprivileged, I’m always struck by how little hardship discriminates.  The people at First Baptist come from all walks of life.”

Attendees realized our team is built of individuals who desire to make a difference outside of work. Nowhere was this more apparent than our team makeup: 4 of the 12 team members in attendance had been with Intrinsic less than 3 months, including one team member celebrating their first day at Intrinsic. Amongst these newer team members was Sylvana Zeenny, the new Office Manager at Intrinsic. Sylvana started at Intrinsic this past March and eagerly took on the task of driving community service initiatives. After the event, she remarked “I am pleased and proud to be part of a company that does something as thoughtful as this. It was a humbling experience that made me realize how fortunate I am”. Sylvana was not alone in this assessment. As future opportunities to drive community service initiatives are presented to us, Intrinsic will likely have no shortage of motivated team members lining up to make a positive impact. That is the Intrinsic way.


Intrinsic team members Luke Van Horn, Evan Lewis, Cameron Seglem, Neal Qui, and Josh Cashman prepare plates for handoff.

Intrinsic team members Alex Chandler and Alex Hechtner sign in attendees and guide them to their meal and open seats.

With enough food left over for seconds, the team continues the food service.

Community members enjoy a filling lunch.