Foosball Tournament at Intrinsic

At Intrinsic, we take our work very seriously.

And when we take a break to have some fun, we’re pretty serious about that, too!


On Friday, July 21st, we took a break from our busy work schedules, and challenged each other to a foosball tournament.



All week long (from far left to right), Eric Rauner, Justin Lutsch, Jordan Fuentes, Evan Lewis, Alex Hodgkin, Russ Williams, Luke Van Horn, and Neal Qiu practiced their best shots to warm up for the main event.





It was a thrilling tournament starting off with two different brackets. Eventually, those were narrowed down to the final four:  Jordan and Evan vs. Russ and Luke.


Amidst uproarious cheers and laughter from the players and the spectators, Russ and Luke finally emerged victorious.



Congratulations to all the players on an entertaining event and afternoon!

The question now is: Will Russ and Luke be able to hang onto their coveted belt trophies in the next tournament?

Stay tuned…